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Overtaking heavy vehicles safely

In regional WA, you will encounter some of the longest trucks in the world. Road trains range in length from 33 metres to up to 60 metres, and common sense and care is required to safely overtake these vehicles.

 It can take some time to safely overtake a road train, so take your time and stay several car lengths behind the truck.

Be patient and wait for a long stretch of straight road with a clear view of what is ahead.

When it is safe to pass, indicate, move over the centre lane, accelerate to the posted speed limit, and overtake sensibly.

Only return to the left-hand lane once you can see both headlights on the truck in your rear-view mirror.

If you are towing a caravan or trailer, or the road conditions are less than ideal, it is best not to try and overtake at all. Wait for an overtaking lane, where it is safe to do so.