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Tyre maintenance

Your tyres are the only contact between the road and your vehicle and it is essential they are maintained appropriately.

Recommended tyre & RIM sizes & inflation pressures kPa (P.S.I.) cold

Tyre pressure

It is essential that your tyres are appropriately inflated as your vehicle will not steer, stop or respond in an emergency as expected if they are under-inflated.

It is best to check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold.

Consider increasing your tyre pressure before embarking on long highway trips or when carrying or towing increased loads but consult your tyre dealer for the relevant advice.

Tyre tread

Ensure your tyre tread is more than 1.5mm, if not it is time to replace your tyres as any less tread and the tyres are unsafe.

Check your tyres regularly for uneven wear or bald spots. Irregular wear is unsafe and can result in issues with the suspension and steering.

Irregular wear can also be expensive as it wastes tyres and increases fuel consumption.