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Buying a safe vehicle

New vehicles

When looking for a new car that’s right for you, a good place to start is with the ANCAP safety rating.
Cars with 5-star ratings provide much better protection in a crash than those with a lower rating.
Cars with higher ANCAP stars do not necessarily cost more. In fact, many reasonably priced makes and models score well in safety ratings.
The key safety features you should be looking for include:

Primary – Crash Avoidance
  • Autonomous braking system
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Lane departure warning
Secondary – Occupation Protection
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Seat belt reminder system
  • Head restraints
  • Side and curtain airbags
  • Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
Click here to find out more about vehicle safety features.

Used Vehicles

Second-hand vehicles offer a cheaper, yet safe alternative for car purchasers. The Used Car Safety Ratings Buyer’s Guide rates the performance of and protection offered by vehicles involved in more than eight million crashes in Australia and New Zealand.
The 2020-2021 Used Car Safety Ratings Guide provides ratings for affordable safe choices in these categories:
  • Small, light, medium and large cars
  • Compact, medium and large SUVs
  • People movers
  • Commercial vans and utes
If you are buying a new or used vehicle in remote or regional Western Australia, please read the Consumer Guide to Safer Vehicles (PDF, 1.3 MB).