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Child car restraints


Choose the right restraint

The minimum age requirements for child car restraints are:

Birth - 6 months

  • Rearward facing restraint - capsule or rearward facing convertible restraint

6 months - 4 years

  • Rearward facing restraint, or
  • Forward facing restraint with a five-point internal harness - forward facing convertible restraint with a five point internal harness, or a combination restraint used with a five point internal harness.

4 - 7 years

  • Forward facing restraint with a five-point internal harness, or
  • Booster seat with a lap and sash seat belt or h-harness, or
  • Combination restraint used in a booster seat mode.

(Based on The Australian Standard for Child Car Restraints AS/NZS 1754:2010 and 2013.)

For the safety of your child, use restraints that are:
•    appropriate for your child's age and height
•    not old, worn restraints over 10 years old (or that have previously been in a crash)
•    correctly installed in cars.

Correctly fit your child car restraint

The public can access a list of Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters around the state through their local WALGA RoadWise Committee

The Department of Transport has a list of Type 2 Child Restraint Fitting Stations where anchor points can be safely installed and approved in vehicles, which can be found on their seats and seat belts page.

The age and height of a child should be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate car restraint for your child. Find the right seat for your child by visiting the Kidsafe website.


In Western Australia, parents and carers of any child who requires a child car restraint must comply with AS/NZS 1754. 
Those who cannot comply with AS/NZS 1754 must apply to the Department of Transport for approval to use AS/NZS 4370, which is the standard of restraints for children with a disability. 
Inquiries about child restraint exemptions for children with a disability should be directed to: 

Vehicle Safety and Standards 
Department of Transport 
34 Gillam Drive, Kelmscott WA 6111
Tel: (08) 9216 8579
Tel: 131 156