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Research and evaluation program

The Road Safety Research and Evaluation Program includes research that is:

  • Proactive and planned, through engagement with the Western Australian Centre for Road Safety Research (WACRSR) at University of WA.
  • Responsive to emerging issues and need, through engagement with additional research institutions and experts.
  • Ongoing, through memberships with other research agencies.

The Road Safety Research and Evaluation Program is informed by the Road Safety Research and Evaluation Committee (REAC) . Membership of the REAC includes:

  • The Commission’s Director Strategy, Policy & Legislation (Chair).
  • Assistant Director Policy.
  • Director and Deputy Director of WACRSR.

On occasions, membership of the REAC may include other representatives from the public or private sector to contribute to the road safety research program or future planning.

Western Australian Road Safety Research Centre (WACRSR)     

In 2019, the State Government awarded the University of Western Australia (UWA) a five-year, $4.6 million road safety research contract to establish the WACRSR.

The WACRSR will deliver an annual research program of planned and reactive research for the state developed by the REAC, guided by the Road Safety Council priorities and supported by the Road Safety Commission.

The REAC provides strategic road safety advice from across the respective agencies, allowing the Commission to ensure that future research:

  • Aligns to whole of government priorities and thereby, is responsive to the current road safety issues and emerging trends relevant to WA.
  • Increases the road safety research base, capability and capacity within WA.
  • Avoids duplication of research within WA.
  • Represents return on investment for WA.
  • Identifies opportunities to link research beyond the traditional road safety domain, in line with public health and the safe systems approach.

The Commission also recognises the opportunity that stems from participating in research that operates at the national level. For example, participating in research:

  • Provided through grants administered via the Australian Research Council.
  • Undertaken to promote the uptake of safer vehicles, such as:

The Vehicle Safety Research Group

Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP)

MotoCAP - Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program

  • Contribute to policy and regulation reforms through national research projects in partnership with:
    •  National Road Safety Partnership Program
    •  Austroads Safety Taskforce
    •  National Transport Commission
    •  National Child Car Restraints Program

Well-established road safety research centres within and outside of Australia undertake other research programs. The Commission acknowledges and supports all stakeholders in their interest in road safety research.

To the extent possible, the Commission is committed to providing the community with full access to road safety research funded via the Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA). However, on occasions, reports may be provided in a summarised version or a decision to not release may be made based on the individual circumstances at the time and in recognition of our duties pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 1992. Should you wish to discuss access to our research reports further, please email