Saving Lives Together

WA Police are watching your speed

Campaign overview

With police and speed cameras ever-present on our roads, it’s like there’s a cop in every car keeping a constant eye on your speed.  More police. More cameras. Speed and you will get caught.

The idea

We place police officers in people’s cars as they travel to and from school, work, shopping, training, etc.

The line

We’re watching your speed. Are you?
More Police.  More Cameras

The style

These commercials are filmed in an observational/documentary style. They are shot from inside the vehicle, as if we are unwitting passengers placed into these situations, where drivers aren’t watching their speed. 


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Indigenous Advertising

In an effort to provide road safety messaging in a culturally sensitive and acceptable format, we approached Goolarri Media Enterprises (GME) which is located in Broome, to write, produce and schedule the appropriate We’re watching your speed. Are you? message to the Aboriginal people in the north-west of WA. GME is run by, employs, uses and trains Aboriginal people in all aspects of media in the North-West of the state.

GME has produced this TVC which will air through their network.