Saving Lives Together

Take it easy

It was a discovery of chance.

Exploring West Australian Newspapers’ photographic archive for historical road safety images, an uncovered circa 1933 photo of the Barracks Arch (view from St Georges Terrace) with a speed billboard: Take it easy. Speed Kills - was discovered.

Aside from the fact that St Georges Terrace resembles a quiet suburban street, it’s fascinating that the Barracks Arch was used as a billboard site.

On further investigation, the billboard was owned by the National Safety Council of WA.  The National Safety Council was established in 1927, with an initial focus on road safety, sea safety and industrial safety.

The Take it easy - Speed Kills billboard emphasises the resonance of this road safety message and how its sustainability and relevance stand the test of time.

Most significantly, it is a stark reminder that the impact of speed as a contributor to death and serious injury on our roads, is a message that does not date.

Long before the internet, speed was a serious issue, and 87 years later, we’re taking it just as seriously.

Take it easy, take responsibility – slow down and save lives on our roads. 


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Press Ads - The West Australian

Billboard - Yagan Square, Perth