Saving Lives Together

Priorities - speed


For nearly 20 years, the State Government has focused on community education campaigns to raise awareness on speeding. Encouragingly, in the last seven years alone, the number of people killed or seriously injured on WA roads where speed was a factor has reduced from 479 in 2008 to 134 in 2015. But that’s still 134 too many.

To date, the State Government’s ‘speeding education campaigns’ have been effective in reducing trauma on our roads.  But there is a concerning ambivalence within the community to the impact of low level speeding.  49% think it’s ok to speed in certain situations.  A further 18% are neutral; while only 33% reject speeding in any situation. So not surprisingly, 40% of WA drivers irregularly or regularly offend. This campaign talks to this audience.

Key messages:

  • Don’t be a creep. Over. Is Over.
  • Remember to plan ahead. Stick to the speed limit.
  • How much will your next fine cost? For every 10km/h over the limit your fine increases.