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Post it notes


In 2015/16, ‘anti-speeding education’ focused on: speed increases crashes and if you speed you will be caught. It targeted the key motivations of speeding:

  • making up time;
  • boredom (long trips).



Summary of results

Overall awareness:

  • 85% overall awareness (combined)
  • 77% awareness of Post-it Notes campaign
  • 72% awareness of Fast vs Slow campaign

Men aged 17-39 awareness:

  • 86% overall awareness (combined)
  • 81% awareness of Post-it Notes campaign
  • 66% awareness of Fast vs Slow campaign

Post-it Notes campaign:

  • While TV remain the most recognised mediums; since the mid-campaign dip-stick there has been increased recognition of out-of-home and online media .
  • This campaign is clearly well-understood, with all of the most frequently-recalled messages from the ads consistent with the communication goals of the campaign.
  • Understanding of this campaign is very good, with all of the most frequently recalled messages consistent with the campaign's intended communications.
  • This campaign shows some signs of wear out, with the proportion of those ‘fed up’ with seeing the ads relatively high compared to previous campaigns.
  • Wear out is slightly higher with the target audience and they also find the ads less memorable.
  • Nearly 1 in 2 respondents claim to be less likely to speed after being exposed to this campaign.

Fast vs Slow campaign:

  • Recognition of the Fast vs Slow campaign has fallen back very slightly compared to the dip evaluation, driven by a slight drop in TV awareness … recognition of the online advertising has actually improved significantly since the dip evaluation, but is obviously adding very little additional awareness to the overall campaign, over and above TV.
  • 73% overall awareness (combined).
  • 82% awareness - men aged 17-39 (target group).
  • Compared to 2015’s You Deserve It and Just Over, Grow Up shows higher ratings of attention, originality, memorability, uniqueness.
  • Understanding was very good. Message takeout was consistent with the intended communications of both campaigns.


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