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Lose your licence

How would you get around if you lost your licence?

Meet Nate and Cam. They have both lost their licence for speeding…too often. And now face the consequences: without a car, how will they get around?
Lose your licence.  What’s your option?
Lifts from mum or a mate, walking, riding a bike or public transport are all viable options – but for these two anti-heroes, the stark reality of life without a driver’s licence sets in, and how much they miss ‘their wheels’.

This campaign talks to recidivist high range speeders. Predominantly younger males (17-39), this group of regular speeders endorse speeding, do not see speed as a road safety issue and are not motivated by fear of personal injury. Being socially ostracised and disconnected as a result of losing their licence however is highly motivating.

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TV and videos in this campaign

Nate’s challengesCam’s challenges
Awkward Stare 
Early Start
Heartbreak Hill