Saving Lives Together

Zero heroes

Campaign overview

The Zero Heroes campaign aimed to recognize the vast majority of WA motorists who are doing the right thing on our roads and to normalise safe driving. It puts the spotlight on those drivers with zero demerit points, with key messages:
  • normalising good driving
  • that most people don’t take risks and you are the odd one out if you speed, drive over the alcohol limit or don’t put your seatbelt on during a short trip to the shops. That is not normal.


Campaign evaluation

Run July – November 2016, the Zero Heroes campaign aimed to recognise drivers who are doing the right thing on our roads and to normalise safe driving.

Summary of results

  • 75% overall awareness of Zero Heroes campaign (7.1% + KPI of 70%);
  • Metro overall prompted awareness 73%;
  • Regional/remote overall prompted awareness 84%;
  • Media awareness by medium:
    • TV 62%
    • Radio 33%
    • Digital 29%
    • Outdoor 13%
  • 57% recognise the Zero Hero logo (higher amongst those aged 35+);
  • The campaign had good levels of reach amongst segments 1-3 (primary target audience);
  • The campaign performed well on relevance with 6 in 10 relating to the messages;
  • For around half, the campaign delivers on having an affective impact on drivers;
  • 34% took some sort of action, as a result of the campaign;
  • 21% checked their demerit points on the DoT website;
  • Relatively high wear-out (26%);
  • Net media: $633,233. Cost per person reached $0.51.

Ad key diagnostics

70%Easy to understand
28%Told me something new
55%Attention grabbing
49%Sticks in my mind
40%Just like other ads on TV

Key message take out

82%Zero Heroes are safe drivers
66%There are 800,000 Zero Heroes in WA
52%Zero Heroes – use your influence to make a difference