Saving Lives Together

Might be a mate

Campaign overview

There is an increasing trend in crashes involving cyclists in WA, resulting in them being killed and seriously injured (KSI).  In recent months, cyclist fatalities have generated significant media attention, making the issue top-of-mind in the WA community. 
Further fuelling this concern is that despite making up only 2 per cent of road users, cycling related fatalities account for over 3.5 per cent of the total figure.  And is notably on the rise.

The Might Be a Mate campaign is a positive, wide-reaching, mass-media education campaign, which aims to increase awareness of cyclist safety across the community. The key behavioural messages focus on a range of practical measures (such as safe passing distances) with an overarching safety message targeted at both cyclists and motorists.
The overall communication objective is safety and respect. All road users need to respect one another on the road and take collective responsibility for keeping everyone safe, whether driving or riding. 

Campaign objectives

  • Motorists to understand the importance of maintaining a safe distance around cyclists.
  • Cyclists to understand what they, in turn, are responsible for, when it comes to safe cycling behaviour.
  • Increase the awareness of the rules regarding cyclists.


Could Be Cometti

Dennis Cometti is the face of the 2nd phase of our campaign recommending a minimum passing distance of at least a metre.