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Cape Leveque Road


The Road Safety Commission has created a series of road safety education and awareness messages to support the opening of the newly sealed Cape Leveque Road in the Kimberley region. 

The sealed 90-kilometre stretch of the Dampier Peninsula road is now open to the public, which allows local residents and tourists safer and greater access to the area.  Prior to this section of road being sealed, seasonal weather conditions made this road unpassable at certain times of the year.

To prepare local communities, tourists and people working on the Dampier Peninsula, the Road Safety Commission and Dampier Peninsula Working Group have developed several resources as part of a community awareness campaign.


Television/digital video

Local Kimberley organisation, Goolarri Media, was engaged to develop a series of videos to educate the community and visitors on how to stay safe while travelling on the new road.

These videos cover a range of safety topics including responsible driving, seatbelts and restraints and vehicle roadworthiness.

The videos feature local Aboriginal talent including respected local elder Brian Lee, Phillip (Bibbido) McCarthy, Albert Wiggan and Helen Ockerby.

The video featuring Brian Lee was featured on Goolarri Media and GWN and was shared across local social media channels, while the other four videos will be shared on social media.

In addition to the videos, a special ‘pocket guide’, entitled ‘Your Guide to a Safe Drive’ has also been created - providing information to tourists about driving to the specific conditions of the road.

The pocket guide will be available at all main tourist locations including Broome and Kununurra airports, as well as local visitors’ centres and car hire depots. A QR code to download the pocket guide is also accessible on the Visitor Information Board at the entrance to the Broome-Cape Leveque Road.
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Broome to Cape Leveque

While the speed limit is 110km/h, heavy vehicles, caravans and vehicles towing trailers cannot exceed 100km/h

Broome to Cape Leveque upgrade