Saving Lives Together

Time to Sweat


Campaign overview
From 1 July, tough new penalties apply for any driver or rider caught driving with both drugs in their system and over the legal alcohol limit.  Existing penalties for drink or drug driving are also increasing.

The Time to sweat state-wide community education campaign is aimed both males and females, aged under 40.

Campaign premise: A common effect of illicit drug use is increased sweating, particularly for users of ecstasy and meth. Sweating is also a very relatable expression for the fear when a person is about to be caught doing something illegal.  This campaign plays on both these definitions. 

Campaign aim: To establish awareness and understanding of new and increased penalties legislation and the effective date of 1 July 2021; while reinforcing the intent of protecting all road users from impaired (drug and drink) drivers.
It utilises a multi-media approach across television, radio, digital, and out-of-home advertising.


Television/digital video
Radio - statewide
Digital - social media

Out of home - billboards


Out of Home: Bus shelters/buses/venue ads