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Not worth it

Campaign Overview

The summer holiday season is one of high risk, where low-level drink driving is more likely to be justified as a ‘one-off’ or being within self-justified limits.  
The decision whether to drink and drive is unspoken. It’s a silent conversation you have with yourself. And that conversation can at times be highly conflicting. It’s a calculated risk you take in the moment as you weigh up the pros and cons. But nothing is worth the risk of drink driving, even once.

This campaign challenges the belief that feeling okay is an inaccurate measure of intoxication and raises the consciousness of the consequences. It talks primarily to the target audience of males aged under 40 who are sadly over-represented in alcohol related road fatalities. 

It utilises a multi-media approach across television, radio, digital and out-of-home advertising.  


Television/digital video

Radio - state-wide


  • Other variations:
    Yeah, but is the car safe here overnight? Nah, what if I crash
    Yeah, but the cost of a ride? Nah, I want to keep my job
    Yeah, but I need my car in the morning? Nah, I need my licence
    Yeah, but the cops aren’t around? Nah, I need my licence

Out of home
  • billboards


  • bus shelters