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Alcohol interlocks

Campaign overview

On 24 October 2016, Western Australia introduced an Alcohol Interlock Scheme, which applies to high-end and repeat drink drivers. In the lead-up to the introduction of this legislation, the Road Safety Commission ran a community education campaign.

Campaign objectives

awareness of Alcohol Interlocks; understand / agree of its road safety intent and know the date that the legislation comes into effect.




Campaign evaluation

In the lead-up to the introduction of the Alcohol Interlock Scheme legislation on 24 October 2016, the Road Safety Commission ran a community education campaign.  These were the results:   

Summary of results

  • 72% overall awareness of Alcohol Interlocks campaign (2.9%+ KPI of 70%);
  • Media awareness by medium:
    • TV 63% (Metro 69%, Regional 74%)
    • Radio 39%
    • Digital 29%
  • Campaign awareness is significantly higher for drinkers and those from remote and regional areas;
  • Overall, 8 in 10 think the campaign is effective in discouraging people from drink driving;
  • The ad has a positive impact on shifting attitudes and behaviours as a result of having seen the campaign – particularly among drink drivers;
  • Over a third have seen at least one of the vignettes;
  • Net media: $536,919. Cost per person reached $0.37.

Ad key diagnostics

96%Easy to understand
80%Told me something new
72%Attention grabbing
70%Sticks in my mind
27%Just like other ads on TV

Key message take out

92%There are consequences for losing your licence
92%Losing your licence impacts your life
87%Losing your licence leads to a loss of freedom/ independence
77%The State Government is getting tougher on drink driving