Saving Lives Together

WA police are watching

Campaign Overview

With police ever-present on our roads, it’s like there’s a cop in every car watching -whether you are on your phone, drink driving, speeding or not wearing a seatbelt.  More Police patrols.  More cameras.  More RBTs. 

The campaign builds on the We're watching your speed message, extending enforcement to any illegal behaviour - anytime, anywhere.  Also created in the same style, is a drink driving dedicated execution.

The idea

We place police officers in people’s cars as they travel to and from work, training, or on a night out, etc.

The line

We’re watching.
More Police patrols.  More cameras.  More RBTs

The style

These commercials are filmed in an observational/documentary style. They are shot from inside the vehicle, as if we are unwitting passengers placed into these situations.


Media rationale

The media rationale for the introduction of drink driving is to cover the festive period from 2 December 2018 through to 5 January 2019.  General enforcement will run simultaneously, extending through the summer holiday period to end of January 2019.  The ‘We're watching you’ enforcement campaign series (including speeding) will then continue to run in intermittent bursts between February and June, creating a continual media presence.  Creative includes:

Television (State-wide)


Bus-shelters (metro)

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Outdoor billboards (Regional)

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