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Priorities - distractions

Campaign overview

Road Safety Commission’s Driver Distraction Education Campaign aims to build awareness of the significant danger of being distracted whilst driving – particularly through use of a mobile phone device.

Driver distraction is the diversion of attention away from driving toward a competing activity. It has been identified as an emerging road safety issue and is ranked by road safety authorities around the world as a significant contributing factor to road trauma.

While there are numerous causes for driver distraction, ‘use of a mobile phone whilst driving’ and ‘use of a television in a vehicle that is visible to the driver’ are illegal offences in WA resulting in a $400 fine and 3 demerit points.

A most concerning insight is that despite 90% of WA drivers acknowledging the danger of texting while driving, 57%, still irregularly or regularly offend. This campaign talks to this audience.

Two Seconds on Your Phone is 33 Metres Driving Blind.

Key messages

  • Looking at your phone behind the wheel is like driving blind.
  • Don’t text behind the wheel.
  • If you text behind the wheel it could cost you $400 and 3 demerits.