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The Road Safety Commission Program of Works details the diverse range of activities that are funded from the Road Trauma Trust Account, to enhance road safety in Western Australia.

The Program of Works details projects in the following areas:

  • Improving safety outcomes at metropolitan intersections.

  • Improving safety outcomes for regional run-off road crashes.

  • Reducing the injury burden from impaired driving crashes.

  • Reducing injury burden from crashes involving inappropriate and excessive speed.

  • Improving safety outcomes for vehicle occupants and other road users.

  • Road Safety Commission safe driver behaviours outcomes.

  • Road Safety Commission support costs.

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PROGRAM OF WORKS - 2018-2019

Vulnerable Road Users
Program TitleAgency
School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA)
Educating children and young people of the effects and possible consequences of driving or riding while impaired (affected by drugs and alcohol) and travelling with a driver or rider who is impaired.
Department of Education
WALGA’s Local Government and Community Road Safety Program – ROADWISE
Supporting Local Government and facilitating community participation in activities that positively impact: the behaviour of road users, travel speeds across the road network, the engineering of forgiving roads and roadsides and the uptake of vehicles with the highest safety ratings.
WA Local Government Authority
Road Safety Data Linkage Infrastructure Project
Linking critical road safety datasets to allow for a broader and more accurate understanding of road crashes and injuries in Western Australia.
Department of Health
Promoting injury prevention through reality education, enabling youth to; recognise risks, make informed choices, and learn about potential traumatic consequences.
Department of Health
WA Injury Prevention aided by State Trauma Registries
Providing trauma stakeholders with comprehensive hospital trauma and injury data that supports all injury prevention, research and education initiatives, system monitoring and strategic planning.
Department of Health
Road Trauma Support
Providing a high quality accessible service to reduce ongoing psychological and social distress for people affected by road trauma in Western Australia.
Injury Matters
Speed Management
Program TitleAgency
Safe Speed Enforcement Program
This program includes the expansion of the State’s existing camera fleet (fixed, mobile and red-light speed cameras) to enhance speed enforcement. Funding also contributes to the ongoing administrative aspects of the collection and distribution to the RTTA of fines paid for camera detected speed and red traffic control light offences.
WA Police Force
Electronic School Zones – Asset Replacement Project
Electronic School Zone Signs deliver increased visibility of speed zones during school times only to protect vulnerable school children. This project is replacing signs which have come to the end of their life.
Main Roads WA
Speed Monitoring Project
This project collects speed data across metropolitan and regional WA which forms the basis of a study to establish reliable estimates of driver travel speeds in our state. This can be then to inform decision making and measure the effectiveness of past and current speed strategies.
Main Roads WA
Enhanced Speed Enforcement Administration Costs
This program incorporates ongoing administrative aspects of the collection and distribution to the Road Trauma Trust Account of fines paid for speed, red light camera, and certain on-the-spot infringements and for the management of demerit points.
Department of Transport
Program TitleAgency
Metropolitan Intersection Crash Program
To improve the safety of metropolitan road users by targeting high risk intersections with road safety improvements that significantly reduce the trauma associated with conflicts between vehicles. Intersections are chosen on a priority basis and treatments chosen can include the installation of roundabouts and improved traffic signals.
Main Roads WA
Rural Intersection Advanced Warning Signs

The Rural Intersection Advanced Warning Signs (RIAWS) is a trial project which will install 5 RIAWS in regional WA. RIAWS deploy a temporary speed reduction sign on through roads when vehicles are detected approaching from side roads.

Main Roads WA
Run off Road Crashes
Program TitleAgency
Run-Off Road Crashes Road Program

To reduce the number and rate at which people are killed or seriously injured in road crashes due to cars leaving the road. Road safety improvement treatments are selected that are known to reduce high severity road crashes in regional areas. Treatments include but are not limited to:
•              Widening Carriageway/Shoulders
•              Installation of Audible Tactile Edge Lines
•              Installation of Road Safety Barriers
•              Speed reduction
Main Roads WA
Wheatbelt safety review – Toodyay Road Improvements

This is a multiyear project which was undertaken as a result of the Wheatbelt Highway Safety Review which recommended improvements in this area. Treatments will include shoulder widening/sealing and installation of audible edge lining and intersection upgrades.
Main Roads WA
Wheatbelt safety review – Great Eastern/Great Southern Highway

This project is part of a larger improvement project between Walgoolan and Southern Cross, being undertaken by Main Roads WA.
Main Roads WA
Safety review – Indian Ocean Drive Improvements

After a series of crashes occurring on Indian Ocean Drive a review group comprising road safety experts was convened to identify the causes of these crashes and to determine deficiencies that be may be contributing to trauma on this stretch of road. This project is delivering the recommendations of this group.
Main Roads WA
Supporting Implementation & results focus
Program TitleAgency
Community Grants Program

Promoting local road safety activities throughout regional and remote Western Australia.

Road Safety Commission
Partnerships Program

Engaging with various stakeholder groups to promote community participation in road safety initiatives and safe road use, including events, community education campaigns and community grants.
Road Safety Commission
Road Safety Events Program

Raising awareness of the four cornerstones of the Towards Zero Road Safety Strategy 2008-2020 through attendance at strategic and relevant community events, forums and programs.
Road Safety Commission
Impaired Driving
Program TitleAgency
Increased impaired (alcohol and drug) driving detection

Impaired driving is a major contributor to road trauma in Western Australia. The WA Police Force increase breath, drug and crash blood testing numbers and capability with funding from the RTTA. In 2018/19 there is also a project to replace a large Breath and Drug Operations bus with two smaller buses.

WA Police Force
Targeting Unlicensed Drivers Through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Technology

Delivering updated ANPR technology to 48 vehicles within the WA Police Force fleet, ensuring a significant reduction in traffic sanctions for unlicensed drivers, a more effective traffic enforcement regime and a significant reduction in the number of offenders apprehended for other traffic and criminal offences.
WA Police Force
Road Traffic Amendment (Alcohol Interlock and Other Matters) Act (2015) – Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Services Program Administration

Delivering alcohol and other drug treatment services for up to 750 people to meet the requirements of the Alcohol Interlock Scheme (AIS).
Mental Health Commission