Saving Lives Together

Role of the Commission

As the voice of road safety in Western Australia, the Road Safety Commission is dedicated to tackling road trauma, which is one of the biggest and most sustained causes of death and injury in the community.

Road Safety Commission of WA

The Road Safety Commission (Commission) is a business unit within the WA Police Force, that reports to the Minister for Road Safety, Paul Papalia.

First created in July 2015, the Commission was transitioned into the WA Police Force on July 1, 2017, as part of the McGowan Labor Government’s Machinery of Government changes to create collaborative departments focused on delivering services in a more efficient and effective way.

The Road Safety Commission is responsible for reducing road trauma on WA roads by supporting of the State Government’s Driving Change – Road Safety Strategy for Western Australia 2020-2030 and a Safe System approach to road safety using the principals of Safe Road Use, Safe Roads and Roadsides, Safe Speeds, and Safe Vehicles.

The Commission also strives to improve road safety and reduce road trauma through collaboration with key stakeholders within government agencies, the private sector and the community through community education campaigns and community engagement and grants.

Road Safety Commissioner

Adrian Warner was appointed Road Safety Commissioner for Western Australia for a five-year term in April 2020.

Annual Report

The inaugural Annual Report highlights and details the achievements of the Road Safety Commission in its first year of operation. In the past year, we have completed projects, commenced new projects and maintained a service to the Western Australian Government and community.

Road safety projects and achievements undertaken, the Annual Report and the Road Safety Council Section 13 Report should both be read.

Road Safety Commission Annual Report 2016-17
Road Safety Commission Annual Report 2015-16

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